Why PCBs From Pcbnet.com Are Now Important More Than Ever

If you want to discover the ultimate tips and approaches to meet your electronic manufacturing needs, you are on the right site. Pcbnet.com is one of the best go-to sites when it comes to exceptional printed circuit board products with satisfactory solutions for every client’s problem. With years of industry experience, we guarantee you successful assembly projects in the most convenient way we know. What are you waiting for? Let us guide you in the proper methods of creating outstanding PCBs that every tech product needs in the market today.

Printed circuit board

The issue that we want to clarify today is the better option between wave and selective soldering. Being in this kind of business, you surely know what these things mean. On that note, our common goal is to produce mixed technology using the ideal circuit boards required in the process of tech gadget manufacturing, and we need to understand the essence of SMT or surface mount tech in producing such devices. With the various approaches available, we need to determine which one will help us meet our requirements in no time. Check out pcbnet.com for more details about PCB assembly.

How it Works

Plated through-hole or PTH components are also common in this process, so please take note of the terms especially if you are new to them. Since we want smaller, faster, but lighter electronic gadgets, it is essential to produce quality PCBs for ultimate goal achievement. However, we don’t want to underestimate the complex procedures we need to undertake of course. The good news is that our professional team can guide you in this journey while fulfilling the objectives of the project. Things have obviously changed so pcbnet.com is here to make the comprehension easier and more enjoyable to individuals like you.

Printed circuit boards

By adding necessary components to printed circuit boards, we can get the exact results we want. The combination of PTH and SMT parts is enough challenge to providers like us because it is a crucial process to undergo; hence, traditional wave soldering method may not be ideal when it comes to more complex procedures needed in the production. With the help of advanced soldering machines like the selective type, we can successfully produce top quality PCBs that the market demands nowadays. At pcbnet.com, you can find the PCBs that we are talking about.

Basic Methods in Soldering

The wave solder machines are important in the PCB assembly procedures. With the processes involved in this type of soldering, you will encounter the application of flux to the circuit board, heating the PCB in order to activate the flux, and passing the PCB over the molten wave soldering machine. Told you, it’s a complex process out there so you need to understand the basics before engaging in any PCB assembly project.

On the other hand, the miniature wave-selective soldering fountain is also essential to familiarize. The separate process included are application of flux to soldered areas only, heating the PCB to activate the flux, and using accurate nozzles to deposit connection forms and solder.

To help you understand the advantages, here are some of the pros you need to know:

1. Double-sided boards are soldered even with the absence of glue.

2. Local application of flux does not need masking off the components. You also do not need to test the points just to avoid unnecessary soldering.

3. You can set various parameters for the location of components.

4. Cheaper solutions for selective soldering due to reduced amounts of flux needed in soldering.

5. You can use silver content free solder but still achieving excellent wetting.

6. It is possible to process PCBs that are usually not capable of wave soldering like those with tall PTH parts in the board.

PCBHowever, just like other products offered in the market, there are also some drawbacks you need to consider before buying PCBs. Although there are minor disadvantages, we still need to be vigilant when choosing a company we will work with. However, you can rely on our products and services because our clients are always satisfied with the service we offer them. If you also want to experience exceptional service and top quality printed circuit boards, you can decide to have us in meeting your specific requirements.

Do not be left behind. Let us help you get the exact boards you need for your manufacturing materials. We assure you affordable and reliable tech components and PCBs that will efficiently give you highly practical outputs in the end.

Building A Home With Moveable Containers From www.moveablecontainer.com

Architecture has evolved greatly throughout the years. From wooden houses into ones with reinforced concrete, history has shown us how the human race has improved its means of shelter, but that comes with a price, literally and figuratively. Traditional housing nowadays are expensive and difficult to build. Moreover, it takes many years for people to avail of their dream houses. There is, however, a better alternative – moveable containers brought by www.moveablecontainer.com.

What exactly are moveable containers?

Also called shipping or portable containers, these are storages which can be used during a family’s moving process or temporary warehouse during home renovations. Moveable containers are rising to fame because of their versatility, flexibility and mobility. Moreover, people can save a lot of money with moveable containers compared to family vehicles and moving trucks.

Storage containersConverting moveable containers into homes has gained popularity in the past several years. Be it for a temporary stay, like a cabin in the woods, or for a permanent residence, the shipping container has been one of the people’s top choices. We, from www.moveablecontainer.com, will discuss the benefits of having shipping containers for housing purposes in this article.

Budget-friendliness is the most prominent feature of this reinvented kind of home. Construction of today’s conventional houses involves a lot of resources, such as bricks and cement. Additionally, it requires more labor which spells out “expensive” in its own right. However, shipping containers are relatively cheap. They can be purchased in the United States for as low as a thousand dollars, and modifications involve little materials, tools, and labor. Compared to traditional housing, moveable container homes are definitely more economical.

Moreover, the durability of moveable containers remain unquestionable. These storages are usually made of tough materials such as corten steel. This specific kind of steel is designed to withstand continuous wet and dry conditions – the perfect durable material coating used in moveable containers. In fact, when the container house is properly meticulously built, it is expected to stand for more than thirty years during ordinary wear-and-tear situations.

Portable Storage containersAdditionally, while shipping containers are valuable logistical resources, many of them remain not utilized and stuck in ports. Statistics show that in 17 million moveable containers worldwide, only 6 million of them are fully utilized and 11 million unused. A regular 40-feet shipping container weighs about 4,000 kilograms, and by reusing shipping containers as a means of shelter, thousands of kilograms of steel and iron can be spared. Furthermore, melting the steel of the unused storages is actually using more energy and money than reusing the storages themselves. Aside from this, we can also save money on various materials commonly used for building houses like wood, bricks, and cement. This boils down to the moveable container homes that we offer here at www.moveablecontainer.com being environmentally friendly.

Likewise, these moveable container homes can take only a few months to be built compared to the traditional houses. Since a container home only requires a moving company to purchase an old shipping storage from and professionals to deliver the storage, it is convenient to build and design the home in a few months’ time. Actually, purchasing a container is the same as purchasing a house with walls, ceiling, and floor. What is left is how we design our new homes and this enables us to have more freedom in filling them in according to how far our imagination can go.

Movable ContainerLastly, there are a lot of sizes of moveable containers to choose from and it all depends on how big or small we want them to be. Take it from www.moveablecontainer.com, where standard storages come in 20 and 40 feet, and high-cube storages are in 40 and 45 feet. If we want a smaller house, the standard size would be enough but if we want a bigger one, the high cube ones are the go-to dimensions. After all, we all want our space to be maximized and we do not want our money to go to waste.

Building your own house with today’s economic situation can be pricey. Moreover, it takes too long before you can set foot on our dream houses. With our moveable containers, you can have exactly what you want without spending more than our budget. Building houses using these containers can produce many benefits for you and what is more exciting is that www.moveablecontainer.com is here to help you decide your future homes.

ChallengeCoins4Less – Custom Coins For All Needs

Order your custom coins from ChallengeCoins4Less and expect fast and easy process. No matter what custom coin type you’re looking for, we are your best, problem-free solution. Our company prides itself in providing superior products to its customers and in making sure all their concerns are attended to with urgency. We are committed to nothing but excellence and we guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied with our products.

Custom Coins

custom coinsWith our broad range of coin options, you can customize your challenge coins to your heart’s desire. Military coins, police coins, fire department coins, corporate coins—we can handle them all here. We’re proud to be a supplier of high quality coins to every branch of the US Armed Services, as well as to numerous police and fire departments, and business establishments across the country.

Military Coins

Ever since World War I, military coins have been largely used as a way to show appreciation, recognize accomplishments and build camaraderie. These coins don’t just serve as mementos, they foster brotherhood and create strong bonds between unit members that have gone through difficult missions together. We understand how highly you value these items and as such, we make every effort to ensure your custom military coins live up to their purpose.

Police Coins

challenge coinsA community will not be as safe and secure without the presence of law enforcement officers. Their dedication to service is unrivaled and they deserve nothing but the best custom coins that reflect their bravery and strength. If you’re shopping for police coins, ChallengeCoins4Less is your best source. We have the finest graphic artists in the world so you can ensure that your custom coins are of world-class quality standard.

Fire Department Coins

For the people who risk their lives every day to save that of others, you have our respect and admiration. Whether you’re a professional or a volunteer firefighter, the sacrifice and commitment you consistently put forth towards your job is highly commendable. So if you’re looking for custom fire department coins either for your entire department or specific unit, we’ll be glad to be of help. We will recreate your existing design or craft a new one for you—whichever way you want to go. In the end, we will deliver custom coins that every member of your unit/department will carry and exchange with pride.

Corporate Coins

military coinsIf you’re looking for a simple yet professional way to celebrate success, commemorate company milestones or recognize staff achievements, there is no better way to do so than with our custom corporate coins. You don’t just pick any custom coin maker to do this critical task, you need a company that holds a sterling reputation and has a talented, committed and experienced staff that can accommodate all your custom coin needs. If that’s the kind of coin company you want to work with, then ChallengeCoins4Less is your perfect match.

A Variety of Custom Coin Options

In our today’s world, custom coin requirements are becoming increasingly challenging. But you don’t have to worry, we have everything taken care of. We use state-of-the-art molding procedure and custom shaping process, so you know you’re in good hands. We have vast options for you to choose from and we offer free artwork, design, color matching and revision services to ensure we come up with a custom coin that is tailored to your needs.

custom military coins

Metal style options include black nickel, polished brass, polished copper, polished gold and polished silver metal. For a more spectacular effect, you can get your coins with either duo-tone or antiquing effects. When it comes to your coin’s edges, standard cut already does the job. But if you want to amplify the appearance of your coins, go for rope cut edge, wave cut edge, cross cut edge or oblique cut edge. Each of these edging designs produces its own stunning effect that will make your custom coin a sure head-turner.

Still looking for something more? ChallengeCoins4Less has so much more to offer. We have additional coin options including engraved text, 3D designs, translucent enamel, coin cutout, epoxy coating, sequential numbering and offset print, which allows you to incorporate a photograph to your coin design—that adds more character to your coins! To make your custom coins look more distinct and become more efficient, why not turn them into bottle openers or key chains? Now there’s even more reasons your unit members should bring their coins anywhere they go!

If in case you have other coin ideas that aren’t described here, we will be extremely honored to hear your suggestions. Contact us today so we can get started!

Tips on Hiring Guest Motivational Speakers in Events

Booking motivational speakers as guests for a particular event is not an easy thing to do. It may just be a few phone calls or e-mails away but it still requires planning ahead and diligently contacting them for the event. Of course, the organizers don’t just want to hire speakers ahead of time, they also want to know more about the speakers’ profile, talent and skills to ensure that all listeners will have a quality time listening to them.

Check out these four tips on how to book motivational speakers for events:

•    Book them at the earliest possible schedule.

The ideal period for booking them is at least three to six months before the event. Usually, more popular speakers are hard to book because they already have a lot of schedules on different occasions. By booking them ahead of time, event organizers can quickly know if there are available on the given date or not. This also creates enough time to make the necessary adjustments like booking another speaker.

•    Conduct preliminary research about potential speakers.

Make time to watch video footages of their actual speeches and listen to their podcasts. Furthermore, reading feedback/reviews about a speaker from different sources is necessary. If event organizers can’t find any samples of his actual speech or audio presentation, they may seek the help of the speaker’s agents to provide links to be used for research.

motivational speakers

It’s essential to know how credible the speaker is before the date of the event. This is just to make sure that fly-by night ones would not be able to get inside the event. Plus, doing research is also helpful in identifying the style of the speaker in presenting his talk. This is to know if his approach will be fit for the event and for his target audience.

•    Prepare everything.

When booking guest speakers, it’s essential to identify the things that they should know about the theme of the event. As much as possible, don’t forget to set expectations and provide descriptions on what they will do on the event. Mention everything in detail on www.motivational-speaker-success.com.

In contacting them, just make sure to specify number of hours that they should spend for the event. Ask if there is possibility for them to ask questions to the audience after the talk and if they are open for some autograph signing sessions which may include taking pictures.

•    Review the speaker’s contract/agreement before signing.

When booking motivational speakers, it is common to see negotiations/discussions about deposits and contracts. Upon booking, these contracts should contain basic details about the event such as the time, date, theme, venue, amount of deposit, and the overall fees for the speaker’s presence. Contracts may also state relevant details on booking the speaker such as his travel fees, hotel accommodations and food expenses. Make sure that what’s stated in the contract is exactly what has been negotiated to avoid conflicts.

For instance, when the contract requires the organizers to pay $2,000 for the speaker’s board and lodging, clarify everything that’s covered by that fee. This is to avoid paying higher amounts than what’s stated in the contract. Furthermore, some motivational speakers request for other things that they need for the event such as the sounds, lightings and stage size. Don’t hesitate to agree and accommodate the reasonable parts of the contract and refuse the parts that seem unreasonable.

Leave it up to the speaker and his agent if they will agree with the terms and conditions or not. Last but not the least; keep the cancellation policy in mind. Ask what would be the possible situations that may result to the agreement cancellation and what will happen to the deposit.

By keeping all these tips in mind, the event will surely become a rewarding experience not just for the audience, but for all the attendees including the organizers and the speakers.

Essential Guide in Economizing Golf Iron Sets

One of the benefits of shopping for golf iron sets is they help you find your best irons to use for the sport while getting more iron varieties that will be useful for specific game requirements. Naturally, investing on these clubs can be costly for many individuals, which prompt the need for economizing expenses on these sets. If you’re on a budget, these tips can be helpful to save extra money on your iron set:

Buy a Set with Different Iron Types

golfAs you shop online, you’ll find several golf iron sets consisting of the same club types. In fact, they don’t only come in same types, but with the exact features that may limit you in your game. Nevertheless, extra researching efforts will point you to iron sets with different iron types.

Obtaining different iron types means getting more club options than the usual market offers. Simply look for the product specifications and check out the number of clubs and their respective features. Since you have a handful of clubs available, this saves you from spending more money to get other irons that you might need.

Settle with the Basics

Among the simplest ways of economizing your purchases is settling with the basic. In purchasing golf iron sets, you already get the shaft, installed golf grip and the club head. Therefore, you need not to buy additional accessories to complete your club.

Settling with the basic means being satisfied with the features included with your clubs. Since everything is included, you can use your budget in purchasing other useful equipment for golfing like club head protectors, golf bags, apparel and many more.

Going with simpler golf style also helps you save money. Irons now have different designs as manufacturers start to place accents that make their clubs extra fashionable. Bear in mind that you only need a club that works effectively for you and made from top quality materials to ensure durability, regardless of how regular your gaming or training schedule is.

Get Customizable Options

Nobody can stop you in customizing your golf clubs. To save money, however, look for golf iron sets with clubs that you can customize easily. You can find iron with detachable golf grips. Once removed, you can attach another golf grip with a different design to set your brand. But keep in mind that this iron may not be the only one you’ll use while on the course. Several course hindrances may require you to change clubs as you advance towards the hole. Be sure to select the clubs with the same feature, so you can attach your golf grip and be prepared for your next swing.

Rummage through Online Clearance Sales

The simplest way of saving money on iron sets is by spotting them in clearance sales. Clearance sales are the discounted offers presented by golf club manufacturers and distributors. In this sale, the company wants to clear its current club inventories to make way for the new orders. Hence, they offer their in-stock iron sets at cheaper prices. Score one of these sales during clearance sales and you’ll get the savings you need.

Contrary to popular opinion, clearance sales don’t mean selling out used or damaged clubs. The items showcased in these sales are brand new, but probably outdated depending on how regular the shop updates its inventory. Nonetheless, you’ll get the same top quality iron sets that you want to invest as a player.

Saving money on purchasing golf iron sets should not be a daunting task. Remember to go with the basics or spot good sale offers to save on your investment, which allows you to have more funds for other golf club needs.

Going with simpler golf style also helps you save money. Irons now have different designs as manufacturers start to place accents that make their clubs extra fashionable.

The Quest for Long Island Real Estate Starts Online

Long Island in New York is a preference of real estate buyers. This place has access to beautiful beaches, parks, entertainment, as well as cultural and historical attractions. It has already created great communities being the most populated island among others. It offers a vacation atmosphere with its various outdoor activities; even though still situated near the city.

real estate propertiesWith the high demand of living within Long Island, real estate properties for sale are all over town. Buyers – especially the first timers – are seeking for professional help in selecting the most suitable property for them. If they are not correctly informed, they may have the tendency to be misled by spam sites or advertisers with the wrong information. Intelligent buyers want updated listings and accurate information.

We believe that a credible real estate finder website helps people in purchasing Long island real estate by: (1) having effective search engines, (2) assistance in finding the right broker, (3) offering additional services, and (4) a convenient customer service.

(1) Effective Search Engines

Real estate finder search engines provide help in searching for properties available in Long Island. A search engine is considered effective if it gives updated and accurate results based on what is being searched for. In a reliable site, their simple engine gives up-to-date results of what is still available. Simple search is quick in terms of displaying all related options in the market. There is also the advanced search engine that delivers more accurate results.

The advanced search engine has more selection boxes than that of the simple search engine. It can allow the site visitor to choose a particular city or zip code. It can have a drop-down box to select the property type: whether a house or a condo unit. It can let them input a minimum and maximum price they desire. It can also let them write down their preferred area size –number of square foot. It can put selection boxes for the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. It can provide a checklist of other features like basement, dining room, garage, family room, pool, fireplace, water front, and water view.

(2) Finding the Right Broker

The right broker helps clients find the best Long Island real estate property that fits in either a small or large budget. Brokers are property experts; they are the best professionals to recommend what real estate property to buy. A client at the hand of a good broker is most likely to have his or her dream house, and not settle for anything lesser. They genuinely help the client in searching for their dream house, and not just dwell on commissions. They are competent in finding great deals. These are the characteristics of good brokers that are difficult to find. However, given services of a real estate finder website, clients can easily search for reliable brokers.

(3) Additional Services

homeAcquiring real estate property in Long Island is a long-term financial obligation. Nonetheless, the solution is a service provider that offers additional financial services. They offer broker assistance in credit card record repair and house loan processing. They even aid in appraisals of land value. These additional professional services see to it that the buyer will have ease in selecting his or her payment arrangement.

There are still some construction concerns to solve before finally moving in the acquired Long Island real estate property. However, the solution is a service provider that offers additional construction services. They work on remodeling, reroofing, landscape, and interior design. They also offer electrical and plumbing works. Moving in is easier with them providing even the construction related services.

(4) Customer Service

An accessible and convenient customer service is a plus. Upon navigating a good real estate finder website, a contact form is readily available. It is a quick fill-out form designed according to the convenience of the client. It allows the client to select the best contact timing – morning, afternoon, or evening. The client can choose to be contacted via phone or email. They can also pick when they will be contacted, for example: next month. Excellent customer aid in the website makes it easier to access the help of the service provider.

Real Estate Search is One-Stop Online

The quest for Long Island real estate starts online with the help of a reliable real estate finder website – like ours. We provide up-to-date and accurate information that intelligent customers trust. We offer all the help: search engines, good brokers, extra services, customer care. Acquiring a property in Long Island New York is now made relatively easy on the web.

5 Fun and Effective Activities on Employee Engagement Pos

Recruiting, hiring and maintaining employees who are engaged with their job show how truly committed they are in the company’s mission. Your employees who perform well are perfect investment that you can make. They play vital roles in making impact down the bottom line of your company.

harmingSearching for the perfect employee to do the job is one thing but making them engaged and happy is a challenging task to ensure that you can make them stay with your company for a longer period. Here are five fun and effective employee engagement activities you can apply right away to ensure the best output from your most valuable employees.
Everyone loves being recognized for a job well done. It is one of the most effective and least expensive motivator. In fact, monetary rewards are not what matters most to some people. It is recognition that motivates most employees. A private pat on the shoulder from your boss for a well-executed presentation to a big client is perfect, recognition is even much better when your colleagues and other people get to learn about it. Start making part of your day to recognize no matter how small or big the successes of your people.

#2: Boost Open Communications

To make employees fully engaged with the company and their jobs, they need to feel that they can express their opinions and insights on topics related to their work. They need to know and feel that what they share are being heard and considered. A simple employee engagement strategy that you can use to make your employees feel valued as a vital member of the company is to practice open communications. This does not only limit to the usual HR areas such as discussing the dress code, working conditions and the different benefits. Your employees also have something to share for the benefit of the company who want to make a difference. They can share long-term valuable strategies and unique perspectives that the managers might overlook.

Come up with different employee engagement activities on how your employees can give their feedback on the new system or new policy. Provide opportunities for them to share their thoughts. For instance, have a drop box where employees can address a letter to the CEO; a monthly newsletter of updates of what is going on in the company; or a quarterly general assembly. This type of interaction helps boost engagement of your employees.

#3: Provide Updated Progress Reports

Ensure that you communicate to your employees the major and minor goals of the company. Provide performance appraisal to your employees in relation to their roles in the attainment of the company’s goals. A great leader continuously provides feedback to his employees about their performance – if they need to do something to improve or if they are excelling.

#4: Provide Opportunities to Do Something Great

More and more companies are now engaging their employees to strategic corporate philanthropy. Some even encourage employee engagement by way of volunteering in charitable events which combine skills development, team building, leadership and positive feelings when doing something good.

#5: Have Fun

Do not get trapped in the idea of pushing your employees to higher levels of efficiency and productivity. All of you might find yourselves exhausted which will later on produce mediocre outputs. Keep in mind that as a boss, you offer your employees work-life balance. There should be time for relaxation and fun.

Any effective employee will reach burn out once pushed to their limits so it is important that you are creating a culture in your company that includes fun and happiness in employee engagement activities.

Use company events such as family day, Christmas party or sports day as an opportunity to get down on their knees, roll up their sleeves, get dirty and enjoy. During these wonderful times friendships and camaraderie are strengthened.